Mobile Applications

Simple mobile applications are easy, and anyone can write them. It's the equivalent of writing a simple templated website (not unlike this one!). We can do those, if you that's what you need. But, if you want an interactive application with dynamic data that you know will last for longer than a single release, then that's where you can really utilize our talents.

Unix and server side applications

Mobile is hot right now, but a lone client application is just static data. To move up to the next level, you need data on the server ("Cloud" in today's parlance) or custom work on the client. Thanks to years in web server applications and client side Unix applications, we're ideal for handling such opportunities.


Here are a couple of things we've done

NoodleMi Viewer

A simple viewer for viewing files in the obj format for 3D models.

Malt Map

An interesting, crowdsourced way to display and compare flavors of Whisky made from malted barleys such as Scotch, and Japanese Whisky. Currently in beta.


Real estate site for sellers. Evaluated work done by an outsourced team and brought them to beta.

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